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Last updated:  May 30, 2019



Annual membership from May 1, 2019 to May 1, 2020  =  $100.

No additional fee is charged for playing.

- NO DROP-INS, unless they are visiting our members overnight for a short period of time, who may then play for free as guests of that member.

- NEW TO THE SPORT players are welcome to try pickleball two or three times for free, by which time they should know if they like it or not and must buy

an annual membership if they wish to continue.

We encourage newbies to start at Tay Shores Public School in Victoria Harbour on Monday evening's beginner night as soon as the new school season starts in September 2019.

 - CAPPING OUR MEMBERSHIP at 75 players. 

If more than 75 players wish to become a member, we will start a waiting list.

We are trying to avoid overcrowding and having to wait a long time for a free court.
We don't want to happen something like in the picture below:







We are a not-for-profit club and are always striving to keep the fee as low as possible for all of our players.


NSSRC has six indoor courts.

Tay Shores Public School has two indoor courts.

​Tiffin Park has four outdoor courts.


Our 2019-2020 season commences May 1. This coming season we are offering annual memberships only and no drop-in fees. Members can bring overnight guests at no-charge. We can provide a budget upon request.

We have increased summer play at the Rec Centre in Midland from Sunday, Wednesday/Thursday nights to include Friday and Saturday afternoons.

See schedule on this website under "NEWS & Special Events", then "Calendar of Events". The summer season represents about 70% of our rental costs. The winter season at Tay Shores Public School is inexpensive for four nights a week.

It might be prudent to point out that we are a not-for-profit volunteer organization and that directors pay for their membership. Any surplus is carried forward to the next year. If anyone is experiencing hardship, we will accommodate them at no costs.

Our research indicates that $100 is good value in general and in relationship to other places to play pickleball. Moreover, Monday night badminton at the Rec Centre costs $75 for a much shorter season (about 8 months).

We hope you join to keep pickleball available for all ages and abilities. The ladder should allow play at similar skill levels.

You can bring cash, e-Transfer or cheque made payable to The Midland Area Pickleball Club.