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Last updated:  June 1, 2020

Membership Fees

Two Membership Options for next season:
We expect that membership in the club will be capped at 100 full-time members, unless we can obtain significantly more court time, but we now have two options for membership. 

Option One – Full-time Yearly membership

For returning members, $100 membership, which works out to $9.00 per month, covers from May 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021  -  (11 months).

  • This is because in 2021 we are going to start our financial year from April 1, not May 1.
  • Note also that our expenses inevitably rise each year, and this allows us to keep the price at $100 for the season.
  • New members can join April 1, 2020 for 12 months (a usual perk for new members to join a month early), but returning members have priority of renewal.
  • Perks for full-time members include the right to play in April, priority sign up for tournaments, the ability to invite visiting guests for occasional play for free and a guarantee to play throughout the year if we reach our membership cap.
  • Full-time memberships are non-refundable.
  • If a person has financial hardship, they can speak in complete privacy to Helen who can, in her discretion, allow installment payments, or reduce or waive the fee.  It is not the intention of the club to exclude low-income people.

Option Two – Pass-Card membership (excluding April)
We are creating a new option to buy a “pay-as-you go” pass-card membership ($40 for 10 plays) but the pass-card may not be used in April.  

  • April is our busiest month and we think it is fair to restrict play in that month to those who buy full -time yearly memberships.
  • Also, full-time yearly members will be given priority ahead of pass-card members to play in our annual fun tournament (and any other tournament we organize).
  • The convenient wallet-sized pass-card must be presented to the day’s convener, who will mark the card to indicate that a play has been used.  If you do not have your card with you, you may not be permitted to play.
  • The pass-card is transferable, and if the pass-card member brings a guest, they must use one of their plays to pay for their guest.
  • If our full-time yearly membership reaches 100 members, or if the courts are regularly over-crowded, we reserve the right to not issue additional pass-card memberships – therefore, if you buy a $40 pass-card and use up your 10 plays, you may not be able to buy another pass if the club is full.
  • Before May 1, the only pass-cards that will be sold are to people who need it to bridge to the start of the membership season, and who have committed to buying a full-time yearly 2020 - 2021 membership. 
  • After May 1, the pass-cards will be available if full-time yearly membership has not reached our 100 members cap and if there are not overly long wait times for courts, in which case we may postpone the sale of pass-cards.
  • The cost of a pass-card may not be used to later off-set the cost of a full membership.  In other words, if you use up your $40 pass-card, and then decide to join full-time, you will still have to pay $100 for the full membership.
  • All players, including pass-card members, must sign a liability waiver (but if you have already signed a waiver it is good for the coming year).
  • Essentially, we want to encourage full-time yearly membership, while still providing some flexibility for those away for much of the year, or those who want to join towards the end of the membership season. 


Payment for Membership or Pass-card
Payment may be made by:

  • cash or cheque payable to: Midland Area Pickleball Club and given to Helen Proctor
  • or cheque made out and mailed to: Midland Area Pickleball Club, 10 Georgias Walk, Victoria Harbour, ON, L0K 2A0
  • or e-transfer to: mapickleball@hotmail.com

When we play

We were able to obtain additional court time for the months of April and May this year.  We now have Friday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings at the Rec. Centre (NSSRC) and also Monday through Thursday at Tay Shores Public School in Victoria Harbour.

Check our website for more details of when and where we play. As always, check before you go out to play. 

There are days when pickleball is not available to us.

Calendar of Events

- NO DROP-INS unless they are visiting our annual members for a short period of time, who may then play for free as guests of that member.

- NEW TO THE SPORT   -  Have a look at this short 2 minute video to get an idea of what the basic rules are:   Basic rules


If more than 100 players wish to become a member, we will start a waitlist.

We are trying to avoid overcrowding and having to wait a long time for a free court.
We don't want to happen something like in the picture below:







We are a not-for-profit club and are always striving to keep the fee as low as possible for all of our players.


NSSRC has six indoor courts.

Tay Shores Public School has two indoor courts.

​Tiffin Park has four outdoor courts.

McGuire Park has four outdoor courts.

We have increased play at the Rec Centre in Midland from Sunday to include Friday afternoons as well.

We may also play at Tay Shores Public School in Victoria Harbour two evenings per week.

See schedule on this website under "NEWS & Special Events", then "Calendar of Events".

Our research indicates that $100 is good value in general and in relationship to other places to play pickleball - very cheapl.
We hope you join to keep pickleball available for all ages and abilities.