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Last updated:  January 15, 2024


There are four dedicated public pickleball courts maintained by the Town of of Penetanguishene.  Free to play for everyone!

The Town of Penetanguishene has just wrapped up one of two construction projects slated for McGuire Park in 2019.  Up until now, the second largest park in the municipality had been home to two tennis courts only.

Following much deliberation at the Council table about the project, the Town opted to reconstruct the facility with one tennis court and four pickleball courts.  “Tennis is alive and well in Penetanguishene however we do have two courts in Memorial Park” said Mayor Doug Leroux.  “We know that pickleball is the fastest growing sport among seniors and with a higher proportion of seniors in Town compared to the province or the county it just makes sense.”

All courts are free to use compliments of the Town.  “By keeping facilities accessible and diversifying them, we hope to engage more residents in physical activity and create a healthy community.”

McGUIRE PARK, Penetanguishene

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Join us and have fun!

left 1 dedicated Tennis court with 4 players and right 4 dedicated Pickleball courts with 16 players

McGUIRE PARK in Penetanguishene is CLOSED

Located at the corner of Burke Street and Fox Street