​​​​Pickleball paddles may be purchased at the following on-line sites:




All of these are Canadian Outlets and offer Free Shipping for purchases over $100

Remember this quote:  “All competitive paddles are about the same. It is, what's between the ears that counts.” 

Ask to borrow a paddle from another player. 
Feel free to ask why they are using that particular paddle, but it may not help you in selecting the paddle that's best for you.
Remember... everyone is different.

Here's a sure way to know you've found the paddle that's best for you.
1. Borrow a paddle that is closest to what you're looking for.
2. Play and lose 2 games with that paddle.  (It's best to play against someone you hate losing to.)
3. If you still love the paddle after losing...

Congratulations! You've found your paddle!

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