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Hi Everyone!

June is Seniors Month. Attached is an article on outdoor pickleball in the Focus 50+ Magazine that might be of interest.

A frequently asked question. Will the options of having so many places to play dilute pickleball?
We envisage just the opposite, especially as the outdoor courts are free. New players will come from the youth, leagues, clubs, residential developments, proximity and tourists. Speaking of youth we are planning to hold clinics for a Kids Camp in Tiny, Big Brothers and Sisters and the Boys and Girls Club. I played with two highly energetic youth at the YMCA. I had fun giving them the tour of the court but that will be short lived as they quickly caught onto the game.

Our goal is to help make pickleball as affordable as possible for all-ages in order to maximize usage and enjoyment of the courts. This area will become the hotbed for pickleball with ample indoor play also.

Re Tiffin Park. We are pleased to announce, the Midland Civitan Club, our eighth sponsor, has made a Grant of $500. We could use the extra money to purchase wind shields if it becomes necessary. Another $700 would enable to use two colours as in the photo in the article. The plan is for green only. I must say, that I have been fundraising for over 15 years and this project has been the most rewarding in terms of the number of donors committed to the endeavour.

An Interesting tidbit - ARIZONA CITY

The owner of the Arizona City Golf Club plans to build a 99-site RV park along with pickleball courts to meet a growing lifestyle change of new retirees. Scott Waddle says pickleball is booming and golf is on the decline. According to Waddle, pickleball play is doubling each year in America.  It’s popular with the seniors, the baby boomers, although the game is reaching younger age groups also. “And when you see the growth of something doubling like that, it’s time to get in on it,” Waddle said. “And those who do not are the ones who are going to be left out.”

A message from the Midland Area Pickleball Club Ambassador (as appointed by the MAP founder, Helen Proctor)

Garry Morehouse

Focus 50+ Magazine Distribution: Over 14,000 copies throughout Simcoe County.
For an electronic copy of the Newsletter visit  www.focus50.ca

Our Coach Rick Masters met some interesting people last week.  Here is their story and a compliment for our Tiffin Park courts.  THANK YOU!!!

From: Larry Anding <larryca68@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Midland Pickleball
Date: August 16, 2016 at 10:24:55 AM EDT
To: Richard Masters <eventmasters@me.com>

Hi Rick,
We made a 4 week trip up the east coast staying in Lake Lure, NC;

Pittsburgh, PA; Corning, NY (the Corning Museum is fantastic);

Niagara Falls; Ahmic Harbor, ON; North Bay, ON (2 mornings of Pickleball there);

Stayner (2 mornings of Pickleball in Midland, ON at the Tiffen Park courts and

one afternoon at the Port McNicholl ice arena courts.

Now headed to Stratford for a few days where we will see 3 plays and

maybe play at their Pickleball facility.

Then Wash DC.

Then back down to The Villages, Florida where we have 160 dedicated Pickleball courts

and they're filled up and lined up every morning.

You folks did it absolutely right building the new style Pickleball courts in blue and green

with great nets and surface.

This is how the newest good ones are being built and you are definitely avant garde.

This is the fastest growing sport in the world right now. We have many many National Champions and tournament winners in The Villages and actually get invited to other cities and countries to teach Pickleball.

Thank you all very much for your hospitality and play. All the best to Christa, Hannou (sp?), Bill, John, Jody, Nancy... Oh now you're just making up names...

Oh well, the best to all of you.
Larry Anding & Eileen White
The Villages, Florida, USA

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 3:01 PM, Richard Masters <eventmasters@me.com> wrote:

Hi attached is the picture I promised. Enjoyed meeting you guys this morning hope your enjoying your visit to Canada. It is always good to meet new people who enjoy Pickleball. If you don't mind just sending me a short blurb on yourselves & your trip visiting Pickleball clubs in Canada I think it would make for interesting reading for our club. Glad u were able to find & enjoy our facilities here in Midland. Look forward to your reply.

Rick Masters
Past President Midland Area Pickleball