MAP Newsletter September 2018

Always check the following link to be sure when and where we are playing:


 - On Sunday, September 2 there is no pickleball at NSSRC.
The gym floor has recently been resurfaced and the smell in the gym is still really bad.

- Thursday, September 27 there is no pickleball at Tay Shores Public School.
School did not provide any details, but wished to use their own gym that evening.
Imagine that ;-)


Just in case you missed the announcement in the August newsletter, we have raised our drop-in fee to $5.00 per person per time of play.
Recent developments with our club's liability insurance dictates we had to raise our drop-in fees to accommodate for the added expense.
Please help us keep our membership fees as low as possible by recruiting more members at the start of the new season in April.


The last evening for playing Wednesdays at NSSRC is August 29, 2018.
We will return there again in June 2019.
See you then!

The pilot program we ran on Wednesday evenings turned out to be well received by many players. 
The evening was reserved for our members only and because of this there was usually no wait time or very little wait time for a free court.


Tay Shores Public School opens their doors for us starting the week of September 17, 2018.
The school boasts two fabulous indoor courts and playing there last school season was a huge success.
So much so, that we are looking to try another pilot program to reduce waiting times.

Forming groups who will be scheduled to play at a set time and days.

Groups 1 & 2 are women.
Groups 3 & 4 are men.

We are working on deciding which group each player should consider playing in by using the following criteria to form these groups:

1.  Equal number of players in each group, also considering enough players left in the group when snowbirds are going South.
2.  Where are their friends playing, who do they prefer to play with most of the time.
3.  If a couple, in which group is the spouse playing so they can travel together.
4.  Approximate skill level, considering not mixing the very best with the least skilled players.

A separate communication will go out once our days at Tay Shores are confirmed.
While we are waiting for this, let me know if there are certain people you prefer to be grouped with and I'll try to schedule you together.


 The Town of Penetanguishene is still planning to have the majority of the new outdoor pickleball courts completed this year, with the line painting waiting until the spring (due to weather requirements after the paving will be complete). 
It will be exploring having temporary lines put in for use until the permanent ones can be completed in the spring.  


At the risk of repeating myself, September 1, 2018 deadline for ordering tickets is approaching fast.
Would it not be great to see as many pickleball players as possible in support of our growing sport?

Get a group of your friends together and order a table of your own (8 people per table) from the Customer Service area at NSSRC (the Rec.Centre).

Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, September 29, 2018.



MAP Super Senior 70+ Tournament results
Saturday, August 25 at NSSRC in Midland, ON
Submitted by Bev Greenwood

Looks like the first annual Super 70’s+ Tourney was a great success.  Sponsored by MAP, the tourney featured Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles.  Some close games in the Men’s Pools, particularly in Pool 1 where Patrick Kernohan and John Archer tied for 1st place, while Mike Miller placed first in Pool 2.  After the semi-finals and medal rounds, John Boucher and Roy Wilson picked up Gold, Garry Morehouse and John Blake, Silver and John Archer and Sid Welsh, Bronze.  In the Women’s Division, Lety Dudgeon outpaced her competition and picked up Gold with 7 straight wins and 77 points.  Close scores for second and third place but Doreen Murray ended up with the Silver and Bev Greenwood the Bronze.  The afternoon Mixed Doubles saw Bev Greenwood and Garry Morehouse win all five games to score the Gold Medal.  Silver medal winners were Eunice Bosomworth and Roy Wilson and Bronze, Doreen Murray and John Blake.  Good to have participants come from out-of-town and give everyone the opportunity to meet new folks and play some competitive pickleball.  You know it’s a winner when everyone is already talking about coming back next year.  Special thanks to Kathy Ball and Janet Gallin for all their help, you two are the best.

Congratulations to all Winners and Thank you Bev for organizing a fabulous event.
Give me a few days and other pictures of the event will be on our website soon.


Perkinsfield, Tiny Township results

On several days last week Gisèle Mellish ran her first tournament for members of Tiny Township pickleball.  Membership is free at Tiny and anyone may become a member there, even if you do not live in Tiny.

Our MAP club members were well represented and came away with Gold and Silver for Mixed Doubles and Ladies Doubles at the Perkinsfield outdoor arena.

Mixed Doubles GOLD were won by Bill Nagher and Janis Degagne.
Ladies Doubles GOLD were won by Janis Degagne and Joyce Rever.
Ladies Doubles SILVER were won by Helene Roberts and Wendy Cairncross.

Congratulations to all Winners and Thank you Gisèle for organizing a fabulous event.


 Here’s the Scenario:

 The ball is in the air.  Your partner yells “out.”  The ball lands in.  However, your opponents stop playing because of the “out” call.  What’s the call?

 This scenario plays out seemingly all the time on the pickleball courts. Luckily it is explicitly addressed in the pickleball rulebook where it states that calling the ball out before it bounces is considered partner communication. Therefore, the ball can still be played if it lands in. The rally continues.  If your opponents claim “hindrance” and a replay of the point, direct them to Rule #6.D.12 in the International Federation of Pickleball Official Tournament Rulebook.

Yelling “out” after the ball bounces, on the other hand, is considered a line call that ends the rally.

Try getting into the habit of yelling "no" instead of "out" to your partner if the ball has not bounced yet and avoid a disagreement.


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