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Last updated:  March 1, 2018


 MAP Newsletter March 2018


Thursday, March 1 at Tay Shores Public School
Sunday, March 4 at NSSRC
Tuesday, March 13 at Tay Shores Public School (spring break)
Wednesday, March 14 at Tay Shores Public School (spring break)
Thursday, March 15 at Tay Shores Public School (spring break)

Also, a heads up for Easter Sunday, April 1 when NSSRC is closed

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Email excerpts from Dean Bezanson of Competitive Edge Sports in Elmvale:

I spoke to Brooke Siver, the owner of Manta World Sports, and he told me he will be in Ontario June 18 to 23. He and his wife Elya will put on 2 hour Pickleball clinics. 

The 2 Hour clinic is a minimum of 8 people on 2 courts to a maximum of 16 people on 4 courts.  A full day of clinics every 2 hours.
Cost is $20/person for Brooke Siver + Court Costs + $6.50 for a drink and nutrition bar.

He will also put onan
8 hour teaching instruction clinic for people that help as club instructors or people that help to introduce the game to new players. 
The 8 Hour Coaches Clinic is a minimum of 12 people on 3 courts.
Cost is $200/person for Brooke Siver + Court Costs + $6.50 for a drink and nutrition bar.

His availability for the 2 hour and 
8 hour coaches clinics are the following dates:

Wednesday Jun 20 7:00 pm
Thursday June 21 All day and Evening
Saturday July 14 All Day and Evening

Clinics to be held in Midland, depending on availability at NSSRC or else outdoors in Tiffin Park.

Brooke Siver as you may recall put on a very successful Pickleball demonstration in Elmvale at Homer Barrett Park in 2017. 
His is a rated 5.0 player in the 55+ age group, he is also a Teaching Professional Certified by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association, he is also connected to or on the board of many provincial pickleball associations as well as a Champion player in Canada, United States, Caribbean and Europe.

Competitive Edge Sports will also provide a table with paddles and accessories for sale as well as refreshments for the participants.

Please let me know by return email if you are interested in participating - HP


Canadians win Silver in San Carlos, Mexico

144 players headed down to San Carlos, Mexico to participate in the Sombrero Showdown and Amigos Cup pickleball tournament this winter with winning results.

San Carlos is a beachfront community in the port city of Guaymas in northern Sonora.  It is renowned for having beautiful warm ocean water that is crystal clear and is situated adjacent to the many shallow bays in the Gulf of California. With nearly 7000 residents it is host to many RV and resort residents and offers warm days and cooler nights –perfect for getting outdoors!

The Sombrero Showdown and Amigos Cup are two international competitions combined into a single four-day event for a reasonable price of only $45.00 USD. The Sombrero Showdown is an under 60 & over 60 (SSIPA)

International Tournament and the Amigos Cup is a fun team round robin for all Sombrero Showdown participants.

For more information check out: http://www.whatsupsancarlos.com/sombrero-showdown-amigos-cup-pickleball-tournament/

The President of Pickleball Canada, Mr. Doug Thomson, headed down with his wife
Helen, and came home with a silver medal for the mixed doubles category.  His feedback was nothing but positive for this great location and he would encourage others to attend if they get the opportunity.


3 Times NOT to Use the Third Shot Drop

Everyone knows how important a good third shot drop is for a strong pickleball game. But did you know that there are times when using the third shot drop is NOT your best option? Hear from pickleball coach and ambassador for the sport, Phil Dunmeyer, as he lays out three circumstances when you would NOT want to use the third shot drop. Build your own strategy, keep control of the game and give yourself time to transition to the net in these three unique situations.


                                                                               Using paddles is our specialty