MAP Newsletter MAY 2019


- On Wednesday, May 1  -  No Mixed night at Tay Shores PS.

No pickleball at Tay Shores Public School after May 16 until mid September.

Always check the following link for changes when and where we are playing:
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The Town of Midland has promised to set up the nets the week of May the 8th.
In the meantime, we have some very creative pickleball players amongst us.

They call it:  The future of Midland Pickleball (How we play in the North)
Check out what Allanah dreamed up and Stewart and Jim made happen.









Please add MAPLadder411@gmail.com to your contacts to avoid my messages going to spam.  If you do not hear from Janet by Wednesdays and Fridays by noon, please email her, because sometimes it is possible that the group email got caught by a spam filter.


Line calling rules:

 - Players will call the lines on their side of the court
- A player should not question an opponent’s call
- In doubles play, if one player calls the ball “out” and the partner calls it “in,” then doubt exists and the team’s call will be “in
- A player cannot claim a “let” because the ball was not seen or there is uncertainty
- Spectators should not be consulted on any line call
- You can tell your partner that the ball is out and then if it is not out, and your team plays it, the other team is responsible to continue playing. If they stop, then they lose the point or the serve. If you tell your partner it's out before it bounces, and it does go out, you are supposed to call it out again to inform the other team.

In other words: ALWAYS continue playing until your opponents stop.

Kitchen rules:

- You can stand in the kitchen all the time, if you like. You do not have to vacate the kitchen after every hit. The rule is very simple, if you are in the kitchen, the ball has to bounce before you hit it, period. You do not have to leave the kitchen, however it's advisable that you do leave or the other team will hit it at you and hope you play the ball in the air, which is then a violation. As long as the ball bounces while you stand in the kitchen, you can hit the ball, even if it does not bounce in the kitchen.

- A fault will be declared if, in the act of volleying the ball, a player or anything contacting the player touches the non-volley zone.  The act of volleying the ball includes the swing, the follow-through, and the momentum from the action. If the paddle touches the non-volley zone during the volley motion, before or after contacting the ball, it is a fault. It is a fault if the player’s momentum causes the player to contact anything that is touching the non-volley zone, including the player’s partner. It is a fault even if the ball is declared dead before the player contacts the non-volley zone.

If interested in all the rules of pickleball, click on the following link:




To be held at Tiffin Park, Midland, ON  (weather permitting) on June 22, 2019.
Rain day:  Sunday, June 23.
In case it rains both days, we will take the tournament inside to NSSRC.

Limited space of 32 players:
8 players - Men’s Intermediate/Advanced Competitive division.
8 players - Women's Intermediate/Advanced Competitive division.
8 players - Men’s Intermediate/Recreational division.
8 players - Women's Intermediate/Recreational division.
No partner necessary.

Send me an email immediately, if interested in a spot. It would be nice if we had a spare in each division in case of injuries or worse, someone not showing up.

Registration Fee:
$15 which includes 2-3 slices of pizza at lunchtime, court fees, medals, water.

Please confirm availability for both June 22 & 23 in case of rain.
Your spot in the tournament is confirmed as soon as paid.
Pay cash only to any of our Directors, the pizza delivery person will appreciate that.

This is a true Round Robin tournament with every man playing once with every woman in that division against varying opponents.  This also means that every woman plays once with every man in that division against varying opponents.

Time: Acknowledge your presence when arriving at 8:45 AM.
Games start at 9:00 AM sharp.

First round: 16 Intermediate/Advanced Competitive players start when the whistle blows.
Second Round: 16 Intermediate/Recreational players start when the whistle blows.

These two divisions will alternate rounds.
Games to 11, without the 2 points difference. First team to reach 11 wins. Points made against you will only count in case of a tie.

Be sure to let us know your scores.

We pause from roughly noon to 1:00 PM for the pizza lunch.
There are some creative bakers out there and your snack or dessert donation would be very much appreciated.

Shortly after the last round is played, we will announce the winners and hand out medals.

A picture of all winners would be nice for our website.
Any volunteer photographers out there?

Bring a chair and drinks other than water if so desired.


WATERLOO PICKLEBALL CLUB is hosting a tournament on June 6 & 7 at Rim Park,

Skill category 3.0 - 3.5 - 4.0 - 4.5
Cost: $35/player + $10 per category.

Deadline to register is May 24.
Here is the link to register for the tournament:



Date:  Friday, June 21, 2019

Join fellow pickleball players for a day of fun, food & fitness!
This is a RECREATIONAL day of Pickleball, not a tournament.

You will play doubles games with and against people of all ages and abilities.
Our goal as a group is to exceed our event record of 222 games of Pickleball!

Option A:  8am to 5pm   $45.00 - includes morning & afternoon snacks, bottled  
                                                            water, lunch, athletic shirt, loaner equipment.

Option B: 8am to 1pm   $40.00 – includes morning snack, bottled water, lunch,    
                                                             athletic shirt, loaner equipment.

Place:  Port Carling Arena (5 indoor courts)

To register early, email: gloria@raegardnerconstruction.ca 


are being held in North Bay, ON on June 21, 22 and 23 of this year. 

Registration is through Pickleball Brackets at pickleballbrackets.com.

They also have a tournament website with much more information about North Bay and the tournament at: www.2019ontariopickleballchampionship.ca


1. If your ball is behind a neighbouring court, but not interfering with their play, DO NOT sneak behind the active play to get your ball. Wait until the neighbouring point is done to ask for your ball, or retrieve it. It is both distracting and dangerous to cross behind an active court.

2. If a ball comes onto your court from another court, STOP PLAY AT ONCE. Same if you hear “Ball” yelled from another court. Stop. Re-serve the point.  

3. Plus, don’t just randomly swat the ball back. Pick it up and toss it to the player on the other court, or swat it gently and courteously in the direction of a player who is paying attention.

4. If you hit a ball into another court, immediately YELL “Ball on Court!” Or “Ball!”

5. If a ball is going towards another court, do NOT chase it ONTO the other court. Stop, yell “Ball on Court”, and let the other people stop play and retrieve the ball.

6. If you are crossing an active court to get onto a vacant court or to leave a court, wait until their current point is over. Ask them for permission to cross their court.  Wait until they wave you across. Do not just try to sneak behind them. 

7. If your momentum in playing a point may take your body or paddle into a neighbouring court, be very conscious of not running into another player.  If there is any chance of collision you should just call interference and replay the point.

8. The bottom-line rule is it is impolite and dangerous to venture onto or behind another court without the explicit permission of the players on the other court.  



Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up from playing pickleball, totally worn out and screaming:   'WOO HOO what a ride!' 

I also learned this month that a lot of our members and non-members do not read this newsletter, therefore this will be my last newsletter in the series.

From now on, if there is any news, I will apprise our club members immediately rather than wait for month's end. This will save me some time to enjoy the sport even more.

Come play with us, we will pickle you!

You can accomplish anything.

There’s no limit to what you can do or where you can do it,

as long as you don’t care who gets Credit for it.



Our 2019-2020 season commences May 1. Our goal was at least 50 members and we reached our goal. This coming season we are offering annual memberships only and no drop-in fees. Members can bring guests at no-charge. We can provide a budget upon request.

We have increased summer play at the Rec Centre in Midland from Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday night to include Saturday afternoon. See schedule on website. The summer season represents about 70% of our rental costs. The winter season at Tay Shores Public School is inexpensive for four nights a week.

It might be prudent to point out that we are a not-for-profit volunteer organization and that directors pay for their membership. Any surplus is carried forward to the next year. If anyone is experiencing a hardship, we will accommodate them at no costs.

Our research indicates that $100 is good value in general and in relationship to other places to play pickleball. Moreover, Monday night badminton at the Rec Centre costs $75 for a much shorter season (about 8 months).

We hope you join to keep pickleball available for all ages and abilities. The ladder should allow play at similar skill levels.

Anyone who doesn’t have an annual membership may play at no-charge from when they sign up.

You can bring cash or a cheque made payable to The Midland Area Pickleball Club.




- ONE TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL PLAYERS  @ $100 annually, due May 1, 2019. 
No additional fee for playing is charged.

- NO DROP-INS, unless they are visiting our members for a short period of time, who may then play for free as guests of that member.

- NEW MEMBERS (this includes Snowbirds) may start playing for free on April 1, 2019, provided they pay for an annual membership the first time they play in April.

- NEW TO THE SPORT players are welcome to try pickleball twice for free, by which time they should know if they like it or not and must buy an annual membership if they wish to continue.

encourage newbies to start at Tay on Thursday evening's beginner night.

- CAPPING OUR MEMBERSHIP at 75 players. 

Current members are automatically considered a member for the 2019-2020 season, provided they pay their membership fee by May 1, 2019.
If more than 75 players wish to play, we will start a waiting list.

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