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Last updated:  March 1, 2018



527 Len Self Blvd,  Midland, ON, L4R 5N6.

We play Sundays from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM until May 2018.

There are 6 indoor courts divided in half by a curtain.

There are a few Sundays when the gym is not available to us, be sure to check our calendar regularly.

Click on the following link:  Calendar of Events

We require you to sign in every time you play BEFORE you start playing and pay (drop-ins only), so we can keep our bookkeeping straight.
The sign in sheet will be located nearest the gym doors.


Adjustments to the guidelines below may be made at a moment's notice.
Let us all try to follow these guidelines, thank you!


If there are free courts, play with whoever and wherever you wish.
Mix in with everyone if desired.
If you prefer structure, follow the guidelines below in

B.  24 TO 36 PLAYERS
        1 rack for all

Winners stay on, split up and
 2 new players will join them.
Players who won twice in a row must exit the court and place their paddle back in rotation.
In that case
, 3 new players will join the 1 remaining player.

Regular games to
 11 points.

       1 rack for Winners - 1 rack for Non-Winners

 4 players come off the court, 4 new players go on.
You may group paddles in the rack with your favourite players.
Leave enough space to ensure you can stay together if you so wish.

Game ends when one of the teams reaches
 9 points.
No 2 points difference.

Be sure to sign in when you first arrive, so you may keep track of how many players show up each time.

In our club we are always free to play where and with who.
If there are players you don't wish to play with, then don't, just pass your turn or move your paddle back a few spaces.

Play on either side of the curtain.
There is no Beginner or Intermediate side of the curtain.
ALL courts are reserved for ALL players.



In 2017-2018 winter there are not enough advanced players to warrant a separate court, so everyone will have to mix in or as mentioned before:
If you have favourite players then group paddles together in the racks and wait your turn together for a free court on the rack side.

The following arrangement will be revisited in the spring time:

Summer 2017 we provided an opportunity for Advanced players (3.5 rating and up) to play together at their level on one of the Rec. Centre's courts, but only if they had a minimum of 6 players.
Anyone who thinks they have a rating of 3.5 and up may join their group.
Most players THINK they are better than they really are, it is in our nature  ;-)

To be fair:
In order to join the advanced group a player must be at a level that is competitive for the group, which should become obvious.

Only the club's executives have the right to ask a player to play down.


Check out your skill level below and feel comfortable playing with players of your level.

This will ensure you are going to like pickleball a lot.


3.5 Skill Level – should ALSO possess most/all 3.0 Skills

Knows all the main rules including how to correct the score and correct server
Demonstrates control/consistency on forehand groundstrokes (direction, depth, and pace)
Demonstrates control/consistency on backhand groundstrokes (direction, depth, and pace)
Placing serves deep into the court
Uses deeper and higher returns of serve to approach the net quicker
Quickly approaches the non-volley line
Able to play with partners effectively using court strategies like partner communication, and changing a losing game
Avoids hitting out balls
Consistently returning lower balls over the net
Demonstrates a wide variety of shots with some consistency
Uses slower paced shots vs faster paced shots to their advantage
Able to create coverage gaps and then hit to these gaps
Sustains a short volley session at the net with some placement and control
Initiates and maintains a sustained dink exchange at the net
Utilizes a slow paced ball (soft shot) to approach the net (3rd shot)
Able to adjust to differing ball speeds consistently
Hits overheads with control
Uses a forehand and backhand lob when appropriate
Developing patience

3.0 Skill Level – should ALSO possess most/all 2.5 Skills
Demonstrates control forehand groundstrokes (placement, direction, depth)
Demonstrates control backhand groundstrokes (placement, direction, depth)
Placing serves deep into the court
Demonstrates placement of serves
Uses deeper and higher returns of serve to allow time to approach the net
Approaches the non-volley line quickly rather than staying back
Sustains a short volley session at the net
Exhibits correct court positioning for doubles and how to “move as a team”
Uses the forehand lob with some success
Serve team attempts to approach the net with a slow paced ball (3rd shot)
Sustains a dink exchange at the net
Adjusts to differing ball speeds (serves, volleys, groundstrokes)
Returns the ball lower over the net
Has good mobility
Has good quickness
Has good hand-eye coordination

2.5 Skill Level – should ALSO possess most/all 2.0 Skills
Knows some of the basic rules including the “two bounce rule”,
Demonstrates control on forehand groundstrokes (direction, depth, height)
Uses backhand groundstrokes
Placing serves in correct service court
Knows correct court positioning as the serve and return team
Approaches the non-volley line to hit volleys
Keeps the ball in play on short rallies
Uses the forehand lob
Dinking the ball at the net
Attempting to hit a slower paced ball landing in the non-volley zone (3rd shot)
Has good mobility, moving in a safe and balanced manner
Has good quickness
Has good hand-eye coordination

2.0 Skill Level – should ALSO possess most/all 1.5 Skills
Knows some of the basic rules, “two bounce rule” and scoring
Demonstrates a forehand groundstroke
Demonstrates a backhand groundstroke
Demonstrates a volley
Demonstrates an overhead smash
Gets some serves into the correct service square
Knows where to stand as the serve team and the return team
Has good mobility, moving in a safe and balanced manner
Has good hand – eye coordination