Cathy will get it, Garen

Pictures courtesy of

Rick Masters

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Coach's Corner

don't start until you hear the bell, the whistle and my voice

Chuck Burgoyne (bronze), Norbert Straeche (gold), John Boucher (silver)

now hear this

this may hurt my fingers

Intermediate/Advanced division

look at Allanah go

the other Kathy in great shape!

Kathy thinks the mouth works better

Thank you for volunteering at the last moment, Garen, and then walk away with the gold!

never seen Stewart that serious

here's one thing I don't need help with

Kathy in great shape!

Can you reach it Noel?


From left in back:  Jamie Weber, Kim Dusome, Dalton Leclair, Helen Proctor, Allanah Young, Wendy Beer. In front:  Stewart Youg, Kathy Masters

Recreational/Fun division

you over there

​don't mess with me

nobody watching Jason

Other pictures we like to show

Oops again!

pickleball belles and beaus

Kathy Ball (silver), Rhonda Bailey (gold), Cathy Travers (bronze)

wonder if I can hit it

you sure about that Chuck and Susan

nice to win once in a while ;-)

worst part is all that waiting around

every fashion aficionado

in China is jealous

I just want coffee


And the Winners are:

Joep is hoping Allanah is watching

Canada Day Participaction 150 Tournament

Scheduled for July 1, 2017

Rain delayed event and was held on July 2, 2017 instead

​Tiffin Park off William Street, Midland, Ontario

Most of our MAP members on the occasion of thanking CIBC for their donation of $500 to our club

Kathy and her coach Rick

how many times do I have to tell you where the line is

Helen and Janis tallying the points

naturally, Garry and Jean!


Chuck is what a cool player looks like

Gail looks on while Charles is busy

wonder where Garry went off to

Tiffin Park

nobody told me I could bring the dog

​he's got his legs crossed

naturally, we saved the best action picture for last!

told ya the tongue works

I am expected to clown around a bit, so here you go

is that you hiding under that hat, Pat?

Susan Boyles (bronze), Kathy Masters (gold), Erika Stoer (silver)

at least I have an audience

From Left:  John Lister  (Rotary President),  Garry Morehouse  (Midland Area Pickleball Club), Kathy Watson (Rotary Member)

not sure if that is the best way to handle a lob

Judy getting down

wonder if Rick is behaving himself

this is one step up from just lovely

just look at the guy next to me

either you like pickleball or you are wrong

Dave MacMillan (bronze), Garen Karapetian (gold), Fraser Howell (silver)

                                                                                       picture not available

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Go over there to die, please. Thank you

Stewart and Janet playing their best

Cathy is glad her tongue is in working order

ah jeez, wrong round again

Go Brian!

looks like Jean is going alone