Saturday, June 23, 2018

Unfortunately, it rained most of the weekend so we played the tournament at NSRC (the Rec.Centre) instead.
From what I heard, it was another successful day.
Congratulations to all the players, some great pickleball on the courts.

From left:  Susan, Kathy, Erika

From left:  Chuck, Norbert, John


Played at St. Theresa's High School on January 26 & 27, 2016.

A fun tournament according to a lot of feedback from the players.

We had 6 teams participating in both the men's and women's tournament and 12 teams in the mixed doubles.

The men's and the women's divisions played against all other 5 teams.

The 12 mixed doubles teams played 5 games as well, which resulted in a play off as 4 of the teams won all of their games.

Results of the Men's Doubles:

1st place winners:     Dalton Leclair & Kim Dusome

2nd place winners:   Jamie Weber & Stewart Young

Results of the Women's Doubles:

1st place winners:     Helen Proctor & Kathy Masters

2nd place winners:   Allanah Young & Wendy Beer

Results of the Mixed Doubles:

1st place winners:     Jamie Weber & Kathy Masters

2nd place winners:   Stewart Young & Allanah Young © All rights reserved.

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Intermediate/Advanced Competitive division MEN

GOLD - Garen Karapetian (middle)

SILVER - Doug Loftus (right)

BRONZE - Rick Masters (left)

Intermediate/Advanced Competitive division WOMEN

GOLD - Janet Gallin (middle)

SILVER - Lety Dudgeon (right)

BRONZE - Allanah Young (left)

Intermediate/Recreational division MEN

GOLD - Garry Morehouse (middle)

SILVER - Praveen Mandve (right)

BRONZE - Don Crandall (left)

Intermediate/Recreational division WOMEN

GOLD - Paige Weber (middle)

SILVER - Judy Reid (left)

BRONZE - Dora Silver (right)




July 1, 2017

From left:  Men's Doubles 2nd place winners Jamie Weber & Stewart Young

1st place winners Dalton Leclair & Kim Dusome

From left in back:  Jamie Weber, Kim Dusome, Dalton Leclair, Helen Proctor, Allanah Young, Wendy Beer. In front:  Stewart Youg, Kathy Masters  

From left:  Women's Doubles 2nd place winners Wendy Beer & Allanah Young and 1st place winners Kathy Masters & Helen Proctor

Due to the threat of rain on July 1, the tournament was held on July 2 instead at Tiffin Park in Midland, ON.

It turned out to be a perfect day, mostly sunshine with a bit of rain, which had the decency to wait until our pizza lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

By the time we finished our lunch the courts were dry again and we resumed our play.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped make it a success:

Janis Degagne

Kathy Ball

Janet Gallin

Cathy Travers

Erika Stoer for the delicious butter tarts

Rick Masters for the pictures

Joep Diening for the imminent radar warning at lunch time

and of course, the clean-up crew at the end of the tournament


Intermediate/Advanced division MEN

GOLD - Norbert Straeche

SILVER - John Boucher

BRONZE - Chuck Burgoyne

Intermediate/Advanced division WOMEN

GOLD - Kathy Masters
SILVER - Erika Stoer
BRONZE - Susan Boyles

Recreational/Fun division MEN

GOLD - Garen Karapetian
SILVER - Fraser Howell
BRONZE - Dave MacMillan

Recreational/Fun division WOMEN

GOLD - Rhonda Bailey
SILVER - Kathy Ball
BRONZE - Cathy Travers

From left:  Kathy, Rhonda, Cathy

From left:  Dave, Garen, Fraser (no picture)

From left:  Mixed Doubles 1st place winners Jamie Weber & Kathy Masters and 2nd place winners Allanah Young & Stewart Young


September 9, 2017

The Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles tournament was held at Tiffin Park in Midland, ON.
It turned out to be a perfect day with no rain in sight and plenty of sunshine.

The Elmvale sports store Competitive Edge Sports brought some paddles for us to try out. Thank you Dean!

Thank you all for participating and bringing snacks, such as butter tarts, banana bread, watermelon, candy treats and giveaway prizes.


Intermediate/Advanced division MEN

GOLD - John Boucher
SILVER - Garry Morehouse
BRONZE - Jason Marion

Intermediate/Advanced division WOMEN

GOLD - Erika Stoer
SILVER - Janet Gallin
BRONZE - Kathy Ball

Recreational/Fun division MEN

GOLD - Bill Lewis
SILVER - John Blake
BRONZE - Glen Heatherington

Recreational/Fun division WOMEN

GOLD - Lety Dudgeon
SILVER - Susan Boyles
BRONZE - Rosey Heatherington