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Last updated:  September 15, 2023


All advanced and expert players were once a beginner


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Pickleball - a sport one can learn in 15 minutes, but takes a lifetime to perfect. A sport for all ages. Addictive, fun, entertaining, competitive, recreational while promoting health and camaraderie. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. 

“There’s something magical about pickleball — that you can have a 18-year-old and an 75-year-old grandfather playing the same game at the same time.”

Welcome to the outdoor season.

 Pickleball courts at Tiffin Park in Midland and McGuire Park in Penetanguishene are open for playing pickleball


Hello all Pickleball players,

We would like to give you an update on what is happening in our area. As you all know the popularity of our sport is exploding. MAP has conducted a number of beginners classes which has resulted in many new enthusiasts. To address this growth, MAP has approached the Town of Midland to allow expansion of the existing courts at Tiffin Park for a total of eight dedicated Pickleball courts for all levels of play.

Our request was well received by the new council of the Town of Midland. 

Excerpt in CTV news Barrie announcement:
"In its first budget cycle of this term, council undertook a rigorous review of the proposed 2023 Budget," Midland Mayor Bill Gordon said in a press release Friday. "This budget approval delivers a balanced approach between providing the necessary services to our community while keeping the tax rate as low as possible given the extraordinary economic challenges we face."

This is what the finished project looks like, the four courts on the right were completed in 2016 and the four courts on the left will be in 2023: