Birrell Ainslee
Blake John
Boucher John
Burgoyne Chuck
Butts John
Chaplin Linda
Clark Jean
Crandall Don & Nada
Desroches Bernie
Diening Joep
Draper Norm
Dudgeon Tom & Lety
Dumper Lisa
Dusome Kim
Edmunds Phil
Edwards John
Fairbanks Marie
Ferris Michael

Floen-Takahashi Lynn
Gallin Janet
Gianetto Shelly
Greenwood Bev
Hamelin Doug & Sue
Henderson Pat
Holowka Michael & Anne

Jantunen Hannu
Jermey Pat
Johnson Jacqui

​Lauder Mike & Bev
LeClair Dalton & Rosanne
Lock Ginny
Loftus Doug & Mary
MacIntyre John & Jan
MacMillan Dave
​Marchand Ray
Mason Tom
Masters Rick & Kathy
McKay Gord
Miller Mike
Mink Dave
Morehouse Garry
Morrison Rychelle
Morton Don
Muenz Arthur & Debra
Ogden Lorne
Pauze Jerry & Sheila
Proctor Helen
Purssell Kevin
Reid Judy
Renwick John & Mary
Short Karen
Southwick Noel & Sandy
Straeche Norbert & Thérèse
Vree Frank & Yvonne
Young Stewart & Allanah
Wismer Paul

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All advanced and expert players were once a beginner


​Midland Area Pickleball Club Ontario Sport.
Pickleball - a sport one can learn in 15 minutes, but takes a lifetime to perfect. A sport for all ages. Addictive, fun, entertaining, competitive, recreational while promoting health and camaraderie. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Sixty-eight percent of pickleball players are over the age of 60. However, in the last couple of years, the game has seen a surge in the youth demographic. Since 2010 the amount of pickleball facilities is up 62 percent to 3,475 places to play. See for places to play. For many, pickleball is a destination where people take their vacation.  It is now estimated that 2.5 million people currently play pickleball with that number projected to hit 8 million by 2018.

“There’s something magical about pickleball — that you can have a 30-year-old and an 80-year-old playing the same game at the same time.” That quote was from Rusty Howes, creator, executive producer and on-air host of the Pickleball Channel at