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From left in back:  Jamie Weber, Kim Dusome, Dalton Leclair, Helen Proctor, Allanah Young, Wendy Beer. In front:  Stewart Youg, Kathy Masters  

From left:  Mixed Doubles 1st place winners Jamie Weber & Kathy Masters and 2nd place winners Allanah Young & Stewart Young

From left:  Women's Doubles 2nd place winners Wendy Beer & Allanah Young and 1st place winners Kathy Masters & Helen Proctor

From left:  Men's Doubles 2nd place winners Jamie Weber & Stewart Young

1st place winners Dalton Leclair & Kim Dusome


Played at St. Theresa's High School on January 26 & 27, 2016.

A fun tournament according to a lot of feedback from the players.

We had 6 teams participating in both the men's and women's tournament and 12 teams in the mixed doubles.

The men's and the women's divisions played against all other 5 teams.

The 12 mixed doubles teams played 5 games as well, which resulted in a play off as 4 of the teams won all of their games.

Results of the Men's Doubles:

1st place winners:     Dalton Leclair & Kim Dusome

2nd place winners:   Jamie Weber & Stewart Young

Results of the Women's Doubles:

1st place winners:     Helen Proctor & Kathy Masters

2nd place winners:   Allanah Young & Wendy Beer

Results of the Mixed Doubles:

1st place winners:     Jamie Weber & Kathy Masters

2nd place winners:   Stewart Young & Allanah Young