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MAP FALL TOURNAMENT - September 9, 2017

The Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles tournament was held at Tiffin Park in Midland, ON.
It turned out to be a perfect day with no rain in sight and plenty of sunshine.

The Elmvale sports store Competitive Edge Sports brought some paddles for us to try out. Thank you Dean!

Thank you all for participating and bringing snacks, such as butter tarts, banana bread, watermelon, candy treats and giveaway prizes.


Intermediate/Advanced division MEN

GOLD - John Boucher
SILVER - Garry Morehouse
BRONZE - Jason Marion

Intermediate/Advanced division WOMEN

GOLD - Erika Stoer
SILVER - Janet Gallin
BRONZE - Kathy Ball

Recreational/Fun division MEN

GOLD - Bill Lewis
SILVER - John Blake
BRONZE - Glen Heatherington

Recreational/Fun division WOMEN

GOLD - Lety Dudgeon
SILVER - Susan Boyles
BRONZE - Rosey Heatherington